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Six winters in the tiny house

Since this marks the 6th winter living in the tiny house it seemed like some updated interior shots were due. Especially since the house was feeling particularly cozy and tidy today.

Upcoming Forum

This Saturday at the Woodstock Library I will be giving a presentation on building and living tiny. I'm also looking forward to having conversations with residents about how we envision the various shapes and ways mindful living could be encouraged in our community. It all starts at 5pm. Hope to see you there!

For more information visit:


  1. Oh shoot - I am reading this post June 13. I'd loved to have heard your presentation. Had a rehearsal that night anyway. I'm a Capital District musician with tiny house (more probably Little House) aspirations, and I've been following your blog with great interest.

  2. I still think your tiny house is my favourite, would love if you would consider doing an update of your tiny house situation.


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