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Six winters in the tiny house

Since this marks the 6th winter living in the tiny house it seemed like some updated interior shots were due. Especially since the house was feeling particularly cozy and tidy today.


Spring is here and I have been celebrating by not being on the computer, so apologies for the lack of updates. While there is still much to do on the house, I have been enjoying the other aspects of life- the reasons why building the house was so appealing in the first place.

Spring began with my trying my hand at sugaring. Tree identification during winter turned out to be not as easy as I originally thought, and accidentally tapped some ash (although no sap, so the harvest was safe- and yes, please enjoy the pun). I did ultimately find 3 new trees, and I think a few more for next year. I went low tech with a fire pit out back this year, although I think I'll try making a barrel stove for next year since my teaching schedule conflicted some with the needs of the sap boiling process. Still, was able to produce almost a gallon of syrup this year, and had a reason to enjoy the brisk beginnings of spring outdoors.

The harvest after one was already given away.

The garden has been sorely neglected for the past few years and is full of gravel. As such, I ripped it all out, put in raised beds (to also help ward away those pesky rabbits, which seems to be working thus far, yay!). I am so looking forward to being in the garden this year AND having the time to actually weed and harvest.

My brother and his wife live in the woods, so I've taken it upon myself to teach my niece (and when he's older, my nephew) the wonders of growing their own food. One of the beds now belongs to Maple, and after perusing the local farm stand, she chose brussels sprouts, tomatoes, radishes, peppers and oregano for her first garden. 

This past weekend, which marks the 2 year anniversary of the start of house building, was also the time that I was able to install the portable deck. Treating this house as more of park model, the deck is built in three sections that bold together. When apart they can be loaded on the back of a pick-up truck. They sit on a ledge that is bolted to the trailer, and have four adjustable legs on the part cantilevering out. Now all that is needed are some chairs...

The cabinets under the bed have their doors, using fabric as a cover. There is another design idea I think is better that I'll try out another time, which would use wall paper (and that way it wouldn't have to wrap around the edges.

Possibly the best house related present ever received.... a friend was working in his wood shop and created some unusual and aesthetically pleasing sawdust. So of course he sent it into work with his wife Sarah, wrapped in a box, for me to use in the toilet. And of course I sent it back empty of the sawdust, but with cookies as a thank you.

Created storage for jewelry using fabric and an old picture frame.

The cabinets in the kitchen now have doors (little black knobs too, just not in these pictures) and have been painted. Still have to put in the drawers, but that will come soon I'm sure). 

I adapted this shoe box design from one by Ana White at (a great site for straight forward and simply beautiful furniture designs by an amazing lady up in Alaska). I had some extra 1/2 inch pine that seems to be holding up well.

The tub is ALMOST finished, but I was able to get the show curtain and shelf in. My brother welded the frame together for me (since it will be holding my indoor water storage) and then I lined the bottom with some of the extra cedar from the bathroom walls. The shower curtain is some copper tubing bent into the shape of the tub. There are two shower curtains used, one of which is cut in half, and then installed with overlapping at the open sections.

To celebrate Valentines Day I wanted to honor the benefits of living on one's own again by taking up a hobby that would only prove to annoy any house mate, especially in a house this size. So I am teaching myself the banjo and how to sing. Of course, Willow immediately leaves when I practice, so that should tell you something about my current skill level. I'm just happy I can now tune it without breaking a string.

There is an air of welcomed normalcy and routine setting over the house. Willow is completely back to her old self, hunting and all. Even came home one day after work, and while sitting in the house Willow came barreling through the cat door with a certain lack of grace. I looked outside and noticed her ladder had been moved. That means she jumped three feet straight into the cat door. Nice to know it can be done. 

I know I had promised some more info on some technical concerns for those interested in winter living in a tiny house, but those will have to wait until next time. Hope everyone is enjoying this lively time of year.


  1. Hi there! Wow, beautiful house! Thanks for documenting the whole process. We are going to kick off a tiny house build this winter and will reference your site many times I'm sure. I'm really intrigued by your water system -- any chance you could go into more detail about how that works? How do you heat water for showers? Does the hand pump bring in water for drinking too? Thanks so much for any advice you might be able to offer.

    1. I've posted some info on the water situation. Let me know if there's anything else you would like to know. And good luck.

  2. Rowan,
    I grew up in Ellenville, and a friend of mine posted a article about your home on Facebook. I have been intrigued with the tiny home model for some time now. Kudos to you, the house is awesome!
    Jason Sluka

  3. Hi Rowan,
    Very curious about your shower/water set up. Any chance you might elaborate on this? I really like how you have the kitchen divided with stove on one side and sink opposite. Nice layout.

    1. I have now posted some info on the water set-up, but let me know if you have any more questions.

  4. Hi! Came here from Tiny house for us and ABSOLUTELY LOVE your cabinet. Haven't looked around your blog yet, but can you do a post (and pictures) where you have the drawers open and table out? THANK YOU. I LOVE THIS!

    1. Right now the house is part home, greenhouse and studio. But as soon a spring offers some more space I will be sure to do so.

  5. Love the use of fabric to cover the cabinets! Wallpaper is a good idea too!

  6. Hi Rowan,

    I found your blog in an article recently. I noticed that you missed your books. Is there anyway to add storage for them in the floor boards?

    Just curious!


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