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Six winters in the tiny house

Since this marks the 6th winter living in the tiny house it seemed like some updated interior shots were due. Especially since the house was feeling particularly cozy and tidy today.

Nose progress

During the time between electrical and insulation I started work on the battery box and electrical compartment at the nose of the trailer. There is still work to be done on it, but honestly I just sort of abandoned it when the opportunity to work on the interior came up. I'll have to go back to it soon though, so that I can order the solar equipment and have somewhere to actually put the batteries.

As the house gets closer to being finished, Willow is spending more and more time here- and is getting territorial about it- chasing away the other beasties, and hiding indoors when the neighbor's dogs come for a visit.

This trim covers the gap between the siding and the tongue jack. If  the siding had been flush I wouldn't have been able to move the handle. As it is I had to put some notches in where the handle is stored and where it pivots. The top two screws are left exposed in order to allow access to add oil to the jack if ever needed. 

Hard to see, but I had to notch out the area where the handle is stored.

Not sure what these are called, but they are great for holding the door frames at a right angle
- and it looks like a little robot.

I made the door thick to allow for insulation since that will be where the batteries are stored.