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Six winters in the tiny house

Since this marks the 6th winter living in the tiny house it seemed like some updated interior shots were due. Especially since the house was feeling particularly cozy and tidy today.

Typar is a definitely a two person endeavor

So unless you want to be giggling and cursing simultaneously, I strongly recommend that you don't attempt wrapping a house solo - especially on a windy day. It is done, however. After a how-to demonstration from Walter on the larger window I was able to install all the others. And the fascia boards are completely up too. I'm actually surprised how much has gotten done with only being able to dedicate a few hours here and there after work, with the occasional Saturday thrown in.

Next is the ice water shield. Lucas helped me install the first strip, which was really intimidating. I got the Grace brand, which is supposed to be one the best. This also means it is one of the stickiest and gooiest. But now I know how to do it... I think. We'll see come Monday.

Walter putting the finishing touches on the big window.

In the design I thought I might have too many windows, but now that they are in it seems just right.

Walter is the first to graffiti the house.

It seems like every contractor has their own way of sealing the windows. I may have obsessed over it a bit too much, but went as much by the book as I could.  
To put up the fascia boards without a second pair of hands I just added this aluminum angle pieces to butt up to.

Because there are no eaves to speak of, the fascia boards are beveled along the bottom. This way the siding can sneak under it a little, creating a second kind of drip edge. The side edges are cut at at a 45 angle, this way the bevel can't be seen from the sides.

There's the first strip of ice water shield. The drip edge is installed first, which also makes it very easy to cut off the excess. Lucas also recommended nailing it down a bit so it doesn't move. Not that it would unstick, but it kind of feels like gel shoe inserts. 


  1. Rowan, Tom Silva from This Old House say's ice wrap is put on first under window then sides then top of window, have you had any water issues with the windows the way your crew did them? asking for my future tiny house.Tom said water runs over top , then down the sides and off the bottom...does it really matter? thanks Hunter-grace


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