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Six winters in the tiny house

Since this marks the 6th winter living in the tiny house it seemed like some updated interior shots were due. Especially since the house was feeling particularly cozy and tidy today.

The foundation

After figuring out what would make my ideal home, listing my storage and living needs, my design ended up being 24 ft long. This is a bit longer than most tiny houses on wheels, but since I am looking for a home that needs to only move occassionally I figured the extra length was worth the extra weight. The trick was finding the perfect trailer to match. I finally found Appalachian Trailers in Pennsylvania. The people there were incredibly helpful and flexible with the design, well priced, and upon measuring the final trailer, amazingly accurate and square.

She is a 24' 12K pintle hitch deck over, with no decking or rub rails. She weighs 2,400 pounds.

(One of the most difficult aspects of designing the home has been figuring out the weight. I have estimates, and have been comparing those figures to the actual material as they are placed on the trailer. I'll make sure to put those numbers up at the end in case anyone can benefit from it.)


  1. Hi Jackie,
    This trailer runs about $4,599.
    I'm a sales rep with Appalachian. If you have more questions on the trailer feel free to give me a call 330-277-4124


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