Thursday, November 28, 2013

Settling in

I went with a great suggestion my brother gave me, which was to use tin ceiling panels as the heat shield for the stove, although it was a little flimsy, and so had to back with a sheet of aluminum. The stove is sitting on a floating steel shelf, so that wood and newspaper can fit underneath. After a few nights of unbearable heat and open windows, I've gotten used to the routine. On sunny days, though, the sunlight through the windows is enough to heat the whole house. I have yet to see my breath when waking up or coming back from work. Maybe it won't be the same in February, but this little stove has been doing more than I had ever hoped.

Under-counter shelving next to the stove.

The trunk I have been lugging around with me for over 7 years finally has a home. It slides out from under the bookcase and then the front flips open to reveal the drawers. 

I was actually surprised how simple in was to make these shelves. Just ran vertical, and then diagonal cuts on the table saw, then when the table saw broke (nothing to do with these cuts, I promise) used a miter saw to make the diagonal. Then ripped the wood into 4 identical strips, and voila. 


  1. Love this, your house is a work of art and vibes intelligence and comfort!

  2. I love this, but I have one question that keeps coming up over and over. If you are driving along, pulling your tiny house behind your truck/vehicle, how do you prevent stuff from falling off of the open shelving? It seems like every tiny house I've seen on wheels has open shelving without a lip or cord, or other stop to prevent things from falling off the shelves.

    1. they probably pack lose items into boxes, just as if you were moving, and then unpack the boxes when they reach their destination.

    2. Anna is right. This house is more of a park model, so it will probably move only 3 times or so until I get my own property. I chose open shelving because in this space I felt cabinets would have made it feel smaller.

  3. I saw your tiny house on Tiny House Swoon last week. I really love the clean lines and no ladder to a loft! I am 65 years old and I think I could deal with this design quite well. Thanks for the ideas and hope you find a great plot of land to settle on! Patti in Colorado

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