Thursday, November 28, 2013

Becoming un-tethered.

The lights are on and the house is officially off-grid, which meant I could finally take the extension cord out of the living room window. Almost 2 months in, and no major issues as of yet. There are still wires to be run, lights and switches to install, and the more detailed monitoring system still needs to be installed. Still, there is an outlet and 2 lights, which means I am set for winter. Anything else is bonus. I have also started to turn off my fridge. Although I feel like the system could handle it even after 4 cloudy days, I am using my fridge like an icebox, freezing soda bottles of water and ice packs outside at night. Works like a charm.

Testing out the first AC outlet.

Drilling out blank switch plates I was able to install dc switches. 
I blew out the dimmer switch that came with this lamp when I tried to remove the transformer and rewire it for dc. I have another dimmer switch ordered, but for now there is the toggle one dangling from the bottom.

I am in love with these mono-point ports, which were from a 12v track system with just no transformer installed.

The label from one of my two solar panels.

I still have wiring to do, and one conduit remaining that needs wiring run through it, but I thought any of your DIY-ers might find it useful to actually see what all the components look like, and how much space they take up. This all fits into less then half of the nose of the trailer.

My dad made me this amazing adjustable stand for the panels.

Eventually these will be used instead of the sandbags.


  1. Thanks for this great post. Off-Grid power is our next step and Im just beginning to research it. What size system do you have, 500w, 1k, 2k, etc.? And do you know what your daily kwh usage is? Currently I am doing about 5kwh a day, but I suspect I can get that much lower. THANKS!

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  3. What kind of fridge do you use with such a small system?

    What kind of batteries are you using?

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