Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sheathing finally finished

So Margaret and a new friend, Pete, came out to help me push through the final steps of sheathing.  Everything else thus far I have been able to fumble through or research enough to fake it, but for some reason the door absolutely terrified me. Pete, who was the only one of us with any actual construction experience figured out how to frame the door, made the door jam, and gave me the long awaited rough opening measurement. With that in hand, and the header and cripple studs in hand, I was able to finish all the sheathing and cutting of the windows the next day. So now I have real walls! The next step will be wrapping the house so that I can begin the roof. The weather this weekend is supposed to be spectacular, so it just waits to be seen how much can be completed before work begins again on Tuesday.

Pete chiseling out for the hinges on the new door jam.

My neighbor Lynn donated this weird snake like tie thingy to the cause, which when soaked in water inflates and helps cool you down. Margaret christened it this past weekend.

One of the ways to hold up plywood when working solo was to use a 2x4 with one screw (so it can turn)
to hold it in place.

And there be the rough opening!

Did a classic drop the box of screws down the ladder, tumbling from step to step, cascading screws falling up to 5 feet away. Turns out Maple likes cleaning, chanting "Rowan's mess" the whole time. Thought it might not be a good idea to let her play with sharp metal objects, but she seems to have more control over her movements than I do....

Then she showed her dad what she learned that day- put the screw on herself and, when we did it,
 even pushed the button.

And there she stands- a completed box. Oddly enough the next day when it rained, even with the tarp back on, got the biggest puddle even in the middle of the subfloor. Sure it's due to a rip in the tarp on the roof, but still- more coverage does not usually equal more leakage.

Added some modified drip edge to the bottom of the ply as well. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sheathing finally begins

So after 6 weeks of grad school, and then a few days of sleeping a recuperating, I've finally had the chance to work on the house again. Still, even after about a week of working on it, it doesn't seem like all that much has changed. There was a lot measuring, making decisions, and then re-measuring. Every time I thought I would be able to move on to the sheathing, there would be another thing I would need to add to the to do list before I could move on.

The windows are all finally framed and the hurricane clips are installed. I also bolted the sill plate directly through the floor and to the trailer and bolted the walls together on the ends.

I had to rethink the kitchen windows since the sashes I found would have fit in too snugly to the bathroom wall. Luckily my dad found some old windows in the barn that he graciously framed for me.

Choosing the flooring felt a bit overwhelming. If weight was the sole concern then a laminate of some sort would make the most sense. But I went to a few stores, took the samples down and walked on them barefoot (I'm sure looking a little odd) and nothing felt right. I was considering pine, the douglas fir which is much more durable but is also much more expensive. I ultimately went with bamboo, solid vertical grain with a carbonized finish. Solid enough to reinforce my thinner subfloor and it still possess a warm feeling under toe.

Putting up the sheathing presents a few challenges working solo, but I was able to devise a ways to make it a bit easier. 

At this point there is actually a lot more done, just no pictures yet....