Saturday, July 21, 2012

Plywood on the roof

I have been on hiatus the last few weeks, and will probably be again for the next few as well. Unfortunately. I am currently enrolled in a summer intensive masters program which has me in classes 8:30-8:30 4 days a week, with assignments to be completed on the weekends. I had considered setting up some flood lights, but the next step is to frame out the windows, and I figured I wanted to get that right and not just work on it piecemeal. Where it stands now is that the plywood is on the roof, and a tarp is keeping it all safe until I can get back into it.

I'm so thankful for my dad's shop and his boy toys. My mom ran the forklift, so getting the heaving 1/2 inch ply up to the top was super easy.

I came to the realization that I am not a fan of heights. I was able to do it, but on my knees, or scooting around on my butt. Funny though, because when visiting cn tower in Toronto, I could have literally done a summersault on the glass floor while other people were crawling. It's probably the feeling of (in)stability vs. vertigo. 

Once the plywood was put in place (with spacers screwed along the top plate of the lower wall to ensure uniform overhang) we just propped it up to glue it.

With the tarp on you can actually experience the space. This was the first time that I could actually sense how what I was envisioning my feel like in reality. It was awesome. That, and the ethereal lighting is really calming.

So a for a few years my father has had this big army trailer parked by the shop until he sold it a few months ago. It was supposed to become a mobile storage unit for his rain towers. My mother hated it.... with a passion. Now that the tarp is on my house, it feels like the trailer has made its way back to our yard. Sorry mom.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I've been waiting to put up these drawings until they were finalized, but then things keep changing a bit as I'm building. I figure I'll update everything again right before closing up the wall, but for now I think these give the idea.

Floor Plan

South Wall - looking from the inside.

North Wall - looking from the inside.

Side Walls